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There's much to see here. So take your time, look around, the images are our own and tell our story well.  Make sure you scroll until you find all of our "slide shows" below. They will show you many truly amazing cases, stories and innovative techniques developed at Alpine Veterinary Service.

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Advanced Pet Surgical Techniques

Advanced Pet Surgical Techniques

Advanced Pet Surgical Techniques

Bone plating and bone graft visible on radiographs of a dog with a severe fracture of the radius and ulna.

Difficult and more advanced surgeries are one of our favorite areas of practice.  Providing these services at more reasonable costs has eased some of our clients' concerns,  allowing them to avoid considering less effective procedures or having to face amputation or even worse. 

Clicking the link below will bring you to the first of five slide shows which will demonstrate some of our capabilities and novel techniques which were developed at Alpine Veterinary Service.

Don't forget to scroll down after the first "slide show" they get progressively more interesting.

Dogs and Cats

Advanced Pet Surgical Techniques

Advanced Pet Surgical Techniques

Compassionate, caring moment shared between animal doctor, Mark Robinson, and a grateful wounded dog patient.

The bonds we form with our pets can represent some of the most important relationships in our lives. We strive to treat every pet and their human companions with respect, compassion and dignity.

We offer advanced surgical and medical procedures that may not be offered in other clinics.

We also offer preventative care, wellness checks, vaccinations, dentistry and all aspects of veterinary care for your pets.  

Equine Services

Advanced Pet Surgical Techniques

Equine Reproduction

Endoscopy of a horse by the animal doctors of Alpine Veterinary Service.

We provide diagnostics, treatment, in-clinic care, extensive reproductive techniques, lameness and wound care techniques, including innovative techniques developed at Alpine Veterinary Service for extreme wounds.

Treatment of seemingly devastating wounds has proven rewarding for us, the wounded horses and their owners. 

 (Click link below to see the slide show of the innovative equine meshing procedure for devastating wounds developed by Alpine Veterinary Service)

Equine Reproduction

Awesome, Unusual and Interesting....

Equine Reproduction


Equine reproductive services include:

1.  Freezing stallion semen.

2. Collecting, chilling and shipping 


3.  Artificial insemination of mares with

     frozen or chilled semen.         

4.  Embryo transfer.

5.  Ultrasonography/pregnancy 


Bovine Services

Awesome, Unusual and Interesting....

Awesome, Unusual and Interesting....

Calf healing in the hospital barn at Alpine Veterinary Service.  The calf suffered from scours but is recovering. Cute baby bull calf.

Alpine Veterinary Clinic's bovine services includes both in-clinic service and farm calls.  Services include fertility checking bulls, pregnancy checking cows (Ultrasound or Manual) all aspects of medicine and common surgeries.  We perform all of the customary services associated with the rural mixed practice. 


Awesome, Unusual and Interesting....

Awesome, Unusual and Interesting....

Awesome, Unusual and Interesting....

Incredible veterinary anesthesia and surgery on a sick lion with Dr. Robinson, Alpine Veterinary Service.

For some unusual animals, cases, stories, and images; click on the link below. This is the fun stuff.  

1.  Click here and scroll down through several "slide shows" of unusual cases, and several "spur of the moment techniques" developed at our animal clinic which saved lives and limbs.

2.  Be sure to find the "Amazing Case of Amazing Grace" the story of a mare who survived a Montana winter in the wilderness with a devastating leg injury.

3.  You can also find the story of the dog who nearly lost his leg after a crane crushed his foot.

4.  Scroll down for the story of the meshing technique developed here which has saved many horses from euthanasia.

Our philosophy, Goals, and what you can Expect.

Caring, Compassionate Attitude

Caring, Compassionate Attitude

Caring, Compassionate Attitude


At Alpine Veterinary Service compassion for our pet patients and their human companions is our goal. From your initial encounter at the reception desk to the doctor's prolonged discussions of your animal's health needs and treatment, it is obvious that we care  about you and your animal.

But, talk is cheap, so take a look for yourself.  Scroll through some of the amazing cases illustrated on our site to see that we just don't quit!  


Caring, Compassionate Attitude

Caring, Compassionate Attitude


Communication is one way we demonstrate our compassion.   Dr. Robinson communicates with the heart of a teacher.  The doctor and the staff will take the time to fully communicate allowing our clients to make the best informed decisions for their situation.

You should understand the disease, the options, risks, benefits and costs of each treatment approach.  This enables you to be a part of the health team and to make decisions which are best for you and your pet.

Controlling Costs

Caring, Compassionate Attitude

Controlling Costs


Cost Control is our goal.  By controlling costs many animals can undergo more advanced and more successful treatments.

By choosing lab tests as needed, rather than multiple tests all at once, and by offering more advanced procedures at lower costs we often can decrease costs while providing the most successful procedures.

Small animal orthopedic surgery & fracture repair techniques

Extensive surgical instrumentation, equipment for fractured legs in animals.  Bone plating equipment and locking plate equipment for pet orthopedic procedures.

Advanced Fracture Repair, Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgical Techniques

At Alpine Veterinary Service, our goal has been to provide some more advanced options at reasonable prices to allow our clients better choices. 

Each fracture is different and there are  often many possible procedures.  Each procedure has its advantages and disadvantages.  Often, cheaper procedures are less likely to work and more technical procedures can be more reliable, but more expensive. Because the technical procedures can require a larger investment in instrumentation, training and surgical time, they tend to cost more. (see "Casting versus bone plating" above)  

Our goal has been to provide some more advanced options at reasonable prices to allow our clients better choices.  Hopefully, having more choices at reasonable costs avoids the need to consider less effective procedures, amputation or worse.  

We will always work to make our clients aware of the options along with the merits and draw-backs of each choice.  If the best choice for you and your pet is referral, we will gladly help with that.  Otherwise, we are proud to offer some of the more advanced procedures with a strong effort at cost control.

Caring, Compassionate Attitude

Compassionate caring technician at Alpine Veterinary Service cares for a dog.  You can see the love between the two.

Respect, Compassion and Caring for our Animal Patients and their Family.

It is not hard to see that we make caring and compassion part of our everyday routine.  You can simply scan this web-site to observe the multiple examples of our dedication which is evident in the cases we have presented. When conventional opinion has been that nothing can be done, we have developed a new technique.  It is our caring attitude that will not let us quit.  It is why we have put in the extra hours and effort that has allowed us to be witness to miracles.

The time spent with the animal and the client illustrates our caring attitude.  It is not uncommon for Dr. Robinson and the crew at Alpine Veterinary Service to spend an entire night with a sick animal.  Dr. Robinson has spent many nights dozing in the kennel or stall of a critically ill animal to put them at ease and monitor their status.

Not only do we strive to provide the most compassionate care for our animal patients, we also strive to treat their human family members with the same respect, compassion and caring.  

Communication for simple or complicated cases.

Doctor Robinson, of Alpine Veterinary Service Communicates with the heart of a teacher.  Lameness on a horse at Mountain Sky Ranch, Montana.

We communicate your options so that you can make an informed decision best suited to your animal's needs and your situation.

1. You can expect to have a discussion with your pet's doctor which will help you understand the disease, the treatments and the risks, costs, benefits and drawbacks associated with each treatment.  The doctor will not make you feel rushed, or like your questions are a nuisance. There are no stupid questions.

2.  We have invested in the equipment and training to allow us to offer some options which may not be available at all practices. This allows our clients to determine the best choice for their situation and their pet's needs.

3.  If we know of options which we cannot provide we will inform you. If you determine that option best suits your situation and your pet's needs, we will help to make that happen. 

4.  In summary, you will know the treatment choices,  the risks,  and the costs.  We will know your unique situation, needs, and concerns.  As a team we will determine the best plan for your animal's health care.

Controlling Costs

Orthopedic surgery at Alpine Veterinary Service.  Animal doctor performs an orthopedic surgery to repair a fracture at Alpine Veterinary Service.

Controlling Costs on Diagnostics, Procedures and Surgeries.

A.  At Alpine Veterinary Service we strive to run the tests most likely to lead to an accurate diagnosis first.  This may require more time and thinking on our end, but this can save the client the costs of diagnostic testing which might not have been necessary.

B.  We discuss carefully with our clients the reason for the test and we always consider whether the information which may be obtained will be "actionable".  By discussing with the client the rationale for the testing, the risks of forgoing the test, and the costs, the client can help with the decision making process.

C.  We are always willing to refer to specialists, and will certainly help to expedite that.  However, for some clients referral is simply not feasible.  By investing in some more advanced equipment and training we are able to offer some of the more advanced procedures without having to refer to distant or possibly more expensive facilities.  

D.  We will always discuss the treatment options and the potential pros and cons of the various treatment choices.

E.  We are known for honestly informing our clients when a procedure or diagnostic is not necessary.

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